Virtual Specialty Journal Clubs
Welcome to DHA Virtual Specialty Journal Clubs Page, a free benefit to all DHA Staff to meet virtually (live) to  critically discuss and evaluate recent published articles that deserve direct attention and to keep up to date with the current literature for better clinical practice and healthcare. 
Journal Club and Evidence-Based Medicine: with the journal club, all healthcare professionals will learn the principles of evidence based medicine by the ability
to learn asking and formulating a clinical question.  to search for the evidence.  to read and critically appraise the evidence. to apply the evidence on clinical research. to evaluate the clinical process. 
Select from the below your interested Journal Club and check the upcoming calendar for dates and times to attend. If you are interested to present a paper in the club, please fill in the Journal Club Presenter Form.
Journal Club Guidelines
♦ Article types for the Club should based on research that might change current practice, novel or debated and recently published (one Year).

♦ Journal Club is not a replacement for clinical conclusion and expert medical decision-making.

♦ This Journal Club is intended for use only as an educational aid.

Presenter Instructions

♦ Use the desktop app for meetings and calls rather than the web version, since the web version of Teams is not as feature-rich as the desktop app.

♦ Presenter should check the audio and video settings before joining and get familiar with audio/video equipment to operate the meeting successfully.

♦ Presenter should open the camera. It should be at the same level as your head, not on the far below or above. Find a stable place for your camera and avoid moving it around.

♦ Presenter should use headphones or a headset with a microphone in order to eliminate echoes and background noise

♦ Presenter should find a location with a strong WiFi to avoid any disconnection.

♦ Presenter should introduce himself when start presenting.

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Why a (Virtual) Medical Journal Club is for you and how to make it work

We try to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest research by participating in a weekly journal club, but our meetings don't exactly go like this :)
Attendees Instructions 

♦ To ask a question: Use the Chat Box at any time or use “Raise Hand” feature when you have the opportunity to speak. The volume of questions may prevent a personal response to your question.

♦ To make a comment: Use “Raise Hand” Feature and The moderator will call you to speak when possible

♦ Attendees should remember that the primary goal is not to critique the article, but rather to engage of discussions around the value of available evidence to theory and practice.

♦ Ensure that your microphone is muted. Only unmute if you have been given the floor to speak. After you have finished, please mute your microphone again.

♦ Attendees should turn off video to improve the performance. You can turn on the video if you are invited to speak.

♦ Attendees should stay on mute when you are not talking. If background noise is an issue, mute those on the call who are not talking.

♦ If you lose sound or video, refresh the browser window or log out and reconnect to the meeting via link sent by the coordinator.

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