DMC Medical Students Journal Club
Welcome to the DMC Medical Students Journal Club, a free benefit to all students to meet virtually (live) to critically discuss and evaluate recent published articles that deserve direct attention and to keep up to date with the current literature for better learning and clinical practice. Check the below upcoming calendar for dates and times to attend. If you are interested to present a paper, please fill in the Journal Club Presenter Form. 
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DHA Medical Library
Dubai Health Authority
Dubai – United Arab Emirates 
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Journal Club Presenter Form
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Procedures During the Call
1-Introduce yourself when you begin speaking and ask other attendees to also identify themselves before speaking. Not everyone in the meeting may know everyone else's voice.
2-To ask a question: Use the chat feature.  You may ask chat questions at any time.  The volume of questions may preclude a personal response to your question.  You may also ask questions when you have the opportunity to speak.
3-To make a comment: Raise your hand.  The facilitator will call on you.  After each point of discussion, the facilitator will put down everyone’s hands so if you want to join in on the next part of the discussion, you will have to raise your hand again. 
4-Participant-participant discussion is encouraged. You can direct your comments and questions to other participants as well as the presenter.  Just make clear to who your comments and questions are addressed. 
5-Remember that the primary goal is not to critique the article, but rather to engage of discussions around the value of available evidence to theory and practice.
6-Finally, anticipate a forming, storming, and norming process.  It will take the group a few sessions to work out how best to make the discussion work.
DMC Medical Students Journal Club 
Date & Time: 00/00/2022 @00
To join Via Microsoft Teams: [Click Here]
Description: presenting Recent published articles followed by an open discussion.
Presenter: abc 
Article: abc
Moderator: abc
Organized by: Medical Library Team

Upcoming DMC Medical Students Journal Club Calendar 🕓📢

Journal Club Guidelines
1-Article types for the Club should based on research that might change current practice, novel or debated and recently published (one Year)
2-Journal Club is not a replacement for clinical conclusion and expert medical decision-making
3-This Journal Club is intended for use only as an educational aid
Participant Guidelines
Technical Issues
1-Avoid using cellular and cordless phones because of the potential for poor call quality and noise.
2-Use phone line for audio connection if at all possible as it seems to minimize the issues with audio quality and do include the Audio PIN provided to enable audio control. 
3-Use the phone handset or a headset instead of speakerphone because of background noise, tunnel effect and sentence clipping. 
4-Turn off your call waiting. The beep of a new call on another line is heard by everyone on the teleconference. 
5-Avoid putting your phone on hold during a teleconference. Your hold music may play into the conference call, and make it impossible for the other attendees to continue the meeting. 
6-You can leave your phone unmuted. The facilitator will control muting.
7-If you find you are having a sound quality issue, hang up and dial back in. Sometimes these problems clear themselves up when the bad connection is terminated.