Learn & Earn CPD Credit Points

The Internet Point of Care (iPOC) activity is awarded (0.5) CPD Credit Points by Dubai Health Authority (Accreditation #1059/18). To participate, read below:  

iPOC CME: Learn & Earn CME Credit Points.                      
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> Internet Point of Care (iPOC) is a new CME initiative that rewards Physicians and Nurses using online evidence-based Library Resources by documenting their research results to improve patient care.

> iPOC is a self-directed learning process where healthcare professionals take the initiative and the responsibility for what occurs. Physicians or nurses select, manage, and assess their own learning activities; which can be done at the place of work by defining a self-identified clinical question using the Online Evidence-Based Resources that are accessible through Rashid Medical Library.

> The outcome is a change in the knowledge and performance that can be applied to patient care and clinical practice. 


iPOC learning steps

1. Have a clinical question related to your patients and/or clinical practice 

2. Search the Online Evidence-Based Resources available in the Library website http://library.dha.gov.ae  

3. Document the resources & the results you used & get.  

4. Show clearly how to apply your findings on patient care/clinical practice

5. Classify if the activity resulted in a change in competence, performance and/or patient outcomes

6. Fill in the iPOC Completion Form & answer all the required questions then submit
iPOC Learning Cycle

Resources Included

All peer reviewed journals from different resources and trusteed Clinical Resources are included. Below a list - but not all approved resources and databases by DHA:

- PubMed

- BMJ Journals 

- Medline@Ovid

- Oxford Medicine Online

- Google scholar


- ClinicalKey

- LWW Journals


- UpToDate

- BMJ BestPractice

- BestBETs 


- ACP Journal

- Professional association websites

- Nursing Reference Center

- Cochrane Library

- TRIP (Turning Research into Practice)

- American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

- DynaMed

- Medscape

- All Peer Reviewed Journals


- Search Medline/PubMed via PICO


Target Audience:  Healthcare Professionals 


Accreditation statement

The Internet Point of Care (iPOC) activity is awarded (0.5) CPD Credit Points by Dubai Health Authority (Accreditation #1059/18). In order to claim CPD credits, you must complete the online form. .



All search engines, collections and databases have been chosen to ensure high quality evidence-based content. All resources are lack of commercial bias except the normal cost of subscription. No relevant commercial interest consumed by or used on patients.


Copyright Note:

All the subscribed Evidence Based Library Resources are provided and licensed through Rashid Medical Library and available to all DHA staff on campus and/or remotely. The library resources are not proposed for distribution beyond your individual use or shared with any third party.

iPOC Strategic Goals

After searching your question using the Evidence-Based Library Resources, fill the iPOC Completion Form to claim your CME credits.

iPOC Partners in DHA:

- Healthcare professionals

- Evidence-Based Library Resources

- DHA CME Accreditor