Accreditation statement

The Internet Point of Care (iPOC) activity is awarded (0.5) CME Credit Points by Dubai Health Authority (Accreditation #1059/18). In order to claim CME credits, you must complete the learning steps and submit the iPOC Completion form.

iPOC Strategic Goals

UAE National Reading Month, March 2019

The Internet Point of Care (iPOC) for Healthcare Professionals of the Emirate of Dubai
This initiative is to reward Healthcare Professionals using Online Evidence-Based Library Resources by Continuing Medical Education Credit Points (CME). Internet Point of Care (iPOC) is a self-directed learning process where healthcare professionals select, manage, and assess their own learning activities; which can be done at the place of work. The outcome is a change in the knowledge and performance that can be applied to patient care and clinical practice. 
Who & How to Participate: 
1. Only Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Licencees Healthcare professionals.
2. Fill the Registration Form to gain access to the Library Resources during the Reading Month of March 2019 . 
3. The access details might take 1-2 working days. 
4. Follow the iPOC learning process below. 
5. After submission the iPOC Completion Form, the library will send to your email your certificate as PDF file. If you want the paper certificate,  please visit the Library in Dubai Health Authority. 
iPOC learning process:
1. Have a clinical question related to your patients and/or clinical practice.
2. Search the Online Evidence-Based Resources available in the Library website  
3. Document the resources you used & the results you get.
4. Show clearly how you applied your findings on patient care/clinical practice.
5. Classify if the activity resulted in a change in competence, performance and/or patient outcomes.
6. Fill in the iPOC Completion Form & answer all the required questions then submit.
Library Resources for iPOC CME: 
All Clinical Resources and peer reviewed journals from different trusted resources are included. Below is just a suggested list:
BMJ Journals
Oxford Medicine Online
Google scholar
LWW Journals
BMJ BestPractice
ACP Journal
Nursing Reference Center
Cochrane Library
Nursing Skills & Procedures
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
All Peer Reviewed Journals
All professional associations websites