UAE Reading Month, March 2024
DHA Medical Library
Dubai Health Authority (DHA) proud to be part of the UAE Reading Initiative to promote literacy and a reading culture within the entire UAE Population specially the Healthcare Sector. By encouraging healthcare professionals to engage with relevant literature and empowering patients with health-related knowledge, the initiative aims to enhance clinical expertise, stimulate innovation, and improve patient outcomes. Grounded in DHA's commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery, this initiative reflects the broader national vision of fostering a knowledge-driven society.
DHA Medical Library is participating in UAE Reading Month Since 2016 by providing Electronic Library Resources for all the entire UAE population, targeting "Healthcare Professionals”. To get access to some of the library electronic resources, please fill the [Registration Form]
The initiative is open for the entire UAE population, targeting "Healthcare Professionals". To be able to use this service free, you need to fill and submit the online Registration Form to get login credentials.
Should you have any difficulties in accessing your account, please don’t hesitate to contact on one of the following means: 
DHA Medical Library, Dubai, UAE.
Use DHA ChatBot on WhatsApp 800 342
iPOC is a self-directed learning process where healthcare professionals take the initiative and the responsibility for what occurs. Healthcare professionals can select, manage, and assess their own learning activities; which can be done at the place of work by defining a self-identified clinical question using the Online Evidence-Based Resources that are accessible through DHA Medical Library. 
Learn & Earn CME Credit Points: The Internet Point of Care (iPOC) activity is awarded (1.0) CME Credit Points by Dubai Health Authority (Accreditation #DHA/MTS/ACC/24-0478/A).
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China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI):
Established in 1995 and originated from Tsinghua University, has been committed to integrating global knowledge and information resources with vision of a world-class academic platform from China contains Bibliographies and full-text English platform: 
- 1.8 million full-text articles. - 15 million English abstracts 251 English-language journals. 
- 165 top bilingual journals across various disciplines. - 938 English books
- CNKI Platform: China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)
- CNKI Academic Reference: China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI). For the Trial Poster [Click here