Library Live Training/ LLT

WeBex_CisscWelcome to the Library Live Training (LLT), a service offered by the Rashid Medical Library at DHA!

Library Live Training (LLT) is one of the Library education & training services. It is a live Internet-based Training Service that connect the attendees with the Trainer (Presenter) who will present on a real-time a pre-scheduled programs on different topics of library resources and services. Live Training is open to all DHA staff (Doctors, nurses, technicians, bio-medicals, administrative as well as medical and nurse students). It includes:
1.Slide presentations (often created through PowerPoint)
2.Real time audio communication through the computer via use of headphones and speaker
3.Web tours to demonstrate website
4.Recording (for viewing at a later time by anyone using a unique web address)
5.Whiteboard with annotation (allowing the presenter to highlight or mark items on the slide presentation. Or, simply make notes on a blank whiteboard)
6.Text chat – For live question and answer sessions, limited to the people connected to the meeting.

Current Live Training:
To arrange for a group session, the group leader to email the library one week prior to the session date with the following details: (PC or Notbook Numer/Location /Extension/ Speaker/ LCD/ White screen). Internet connection is required

Types of Live Training:
•Library Orientation
•Online CME

Our contacts:
Rashid Medical Library
Tehl: +971-4-2191919