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Management/PICOC Search for DHA set to search across the management resources available in Rashid Medical Library. The tool created by the library will help in structuring your search strategy. Finding relevant management information is often easier if you first develop a PICOC question. Using PICOC for formulating a management question is the best way to match the capabilities of search engines to find relevant and useful information.

How it works?
Managers or researchers to fill in the boxes based on the Five PICOC elements mentioned below. The PICOC parts (keywords) are combined with the Boolean login AND. The search then is executed and searching through a selected high quality databases and search engines.

What is PICOC?
An acronym used in formulating a well-focused researched question. The question needs to define the Problem or population, what Intervention you are considering, what alternative to Compare with the intervention being considered and what is the Outcome to accomplish, measure, improve, or affect. affect and in what kind of organization or circumstances as Context

P: Problem/ Population
I: Intervention
C: Comparison/ Control
O: Outcome
C: Context

N.B: please Note Well that searching this tool created by Rashid Medical Library is limited only to the resources available in the library. You might need to search other databases to find results that are more relevant to your search.