Oxford E-Learning

Prepare for exams and continue your medical education with Oxford e-Learning (OEL), a convenient, user-friendly service which provides high quality questions and clear, detailed answers and explanations. There are tools to track your progress and target your revision – all provided free with DHA subscription to Oxford Medicine Online.

To start using the OEL, you need to create account from any computer with DHA network:
1. Select Q&A from the left side to open the OEL Page
2. Select Register from the Top lift side to create your account.

For Non-DHA/Guests [Click here] to access the resource without authentication.


All Library Members are eligible to access the Library resources and services remotely from outside DHA campus and Mobile. In case you did not receive, lost or forgot MyAthens login name & password, you can easily gain the login credentials again by filing the [Forgot Password Form]

To apply for a Library Membership/MyAthens

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